Changing View Points in Barn Burning and Everyday Use

Topics: William Faulkner, Barn Burning, Education Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Taylor Jannarone
Instructor: Reagan

Changing View Points in Barn burning and Everyday Use

Barn Burning, by William Faulkner and Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, were both poems that contained stories that have the potential to create a multitude of different view points. Barn burning, for example juxtaposed morality and blood, which made me choose between the two. Everyday Use pits multiple views against one another, including the struggle between the educated and the uneducated. I analyzed the story and decided what my view was but after a cross analysis with other readers my view changed. In Barn Burning my view could have sided with blood and Abner or morality and Sarty. When first reading Faulkner’s work I discovered myself feeling sympathy for Abner. My thoughts were that he was a man that never had a choice on morality, that he was forced into being the way he was. I viewed Abner with pity and sadness because he was born unlucky and any man has felt what he feels everyday, which is worthlessness. I thought he felt that way because it seemed no matter what he did to better himself or his family backfired. Every father/husband has to deal with what Abner is going through which is protecting his family and giving them a better life, but sadly he fails almost one hundred percent of the time. But after re-reading the poem again and hearing others views, mine changed drastically. I realized that I was making excuses for Abner”s lack of morals due to his loyalty to kin. But in reality he was just a sick and cruel old man. My classmates pointed out the use of devil imagery that was presented while describing Abner. Also I viewed him as a veteran of the Civil War but I learned from others that he was a coward and a thief. By the end of my second analysis I no longer agreed with Abner’s view on blood over morality and I looked to Sarty as the hero of the poem. In Everyday Use one of the juxtaposing viewpoints were...
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