Changing Values

Topics: Future, Mind, Medicine Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Things Change As Time Happens
We might think of ourselves as open minded people today, but what might our desendents say about us a century or two from now? They might think that we were unaware of how much more there was to learn about our world.Back in the day as a society we thought we were at the peek of our knowledge. Though as years go by things progress and evolve. We are learning that you can't put a cap on progress, but yet allow it flourish and embrace it as it moves us foward into the future.In a world of technology were things are constantly changing, also how the medical field continues reseaching the possiblities for the future.The changes in the fashion world of yester-years compared to today is always expanding into what's happing now.Let me explain, starting with technology.

In our vas world of technology, which changes day by day, hour by hour, we hold the furture in our hands.Just as we think we are at the pinnacle of what we feel that we have accomplished we learn that there is more to discover and be concored.We have laid the ground work for our decents for them to achive in some cases,making the impossible possible. Hopefully they will look back on what was done for them and be proud to carry on the work.Now today we think we have the highest technology an invoative phones imaginable,when acutlly we've only scratched the surface of what the future holds.As our building up of technology over the years contuines it will/has helped in all kinds of felids.One specfic felid i would like to talk about is medical.

In our current medical field we have found hundreds of cures and medicines to save peoples lifes,but some we have not,for example some cancers. Every day our medical personals decaicate themselves to discover the cures for all cancers.Everyday there are new ideas, testings, and break throughs that lead the way into the furture to cure other types of diseses.Old diseses, new diseses, medicines, and procedures changes on a daily...
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