Changing the Cars Oil

Topics: Oil-filter wrench, Oil spill, Socket wrench Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: March 15, 2013
How to Change Oil in Your Vehicle

General maintenance on a vehicle is an essential skill that you can easily learn for your benefit. It doesn’t require many tools or time and will save money. In addition, most people experience a feeling of pride and independence when completing this handy task. Anybody can learn how to change their own oil. Changing oil is a necessity when it comes to proper engine care. There is one process and several steps taken to change oil in a car. A crucial part of changing the oil is actually the type of oil itself. There are many types and brands of oils out there that can be used in a variety of vehicles for different performance levels, so it is necessary to have the right kind that best suits your car. Let’s take a look at the procedure and steps necessary for prime engine care.

The first step before even touching the vehicle is to get familiar with your owner’s manual to find out the oil type and filter needed. Each car uses different types of oil, so make sure you get the right kind of oil and filter with it. Many stores that sell oil filters have a book that can be referred to for finding the correct filter needed for a specific vehicle. Specific tools are needed to access your oil system. A wrench, preferably a socket wrench will be needed to remove the oil plug. Another wrench for the oil filter removal and an oil pan for clean and safe collection of the old oil are also needed. You will also need a jack or ramps to lift the car up for easier access to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Tools Needed:

Socket wrench to remove oil plug
Oil filter wrench
Oil drain pan
Jack stand or ramps

Now that you know about your vehicle and the things needed, you are ready to start the process of physically changing the oil. Pick a place to change the oil where you it won't bother you if the oil spills a little bit. I suggest putting cardboard or...
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