Changing Something About Your School

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: March 3, 2013
At this school there is one thing that we should change. Obesity is in our school. It is also everywhere else in America. But, it is the wrong message to assume that it is all the schools fault. It is not. School comprises about seven or eight hours of a child's day when it is open. It is only open about nine months out of the year. The remainder of the time the children are home or out and about with their friends. So then why are people blaming the schools? They may eat food out of a well stocked refrigerator filled with nutritional choices or they might munch on cookies and drink soda. They may also choose to play outside or sit in front of the television. There are many options other than just too sit at around, for example; go to the beach, ride a bike on the boardwalk, and play volleyball. It is the students’ responsibility to provide good choices while they are eating. It is Vanguard’s responsibility to provide good choices for the students to eat while we are eating whether it is breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Healthy choices should be plentiful in the university’s café.. Yet, even when the students are offered with options they do not want to choose those wholesome foods. Instead they would rather eat salty snacks or sugar overloaded treats. Finally the university is now serving better food. These students eat what they like. They trash the rest. The students who are with me, can all continue to complain or we can get up and fight for what is right. If you have an opinion, voice it. There are too many people who just sit there and complain but never do anything about it. We all have choices to make. Stop pointing fingers and do the right thing. They hate seeing the food go in the trash. The university cannot control what others eat. We must begin to make changes where we can. I do know how to vote for the people who make the laws that govern our schools.
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