Changing Self Is a Complex Process. Discuss with Relation to the Kite Runner, Tsotsi and One Other Related Text.

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner Pages: 5 (1847 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Changing Self is a Complex process. Discuss with relation to the Kite Runner, Tsotsi and one other related text.

Changing self is part and parcel of life. However it must be acknowledged that change to doesn’t come easily. The texts that I have studied have been instrumental in developing my understanding of the concept of changing self been a complex process. The Kite Runner, by Khaled Housseini is a story of Amir’s journey to redemption. This requires him to confront his past and demons and in the process he becomes his own barrier to resist his change. Similarly in Tsotsi, a film directed by Gavin Hood explores the journey of redemption of a thug names Tsotsi where he too in the process becomes his own barrier, resisting change. Tsotsi also feels disconnected with his past in the process of change. The newspaper article “With a song in his hear”, by Terry Smith (Sun Herald) is a story of a man who achieved his dream of singing because he was willing to change. It shows us the barriers people need to face in order to change and also explores that how sometimes changing self requires a complete change in a person. All these make the process of change complex and have definitely shaped my understanding of the complexities that comes with change or in its process. The process of changing self can be difficult because one could make oneself the barrier resisting change. In the Kite Runner, when Soraya opens up to Amir on her past life, Amir chooses not to admit his haunting secrets. The line where Soraya states “You need to know I don’t want to start with secrets. And I’d rather you hear it from me” is ironical as Amir is keeping a secret too. The short sentences reflect of confronting tone is depictive of the confrontation Amir needs to make with his own haunting secrets. Even though Soraya is opening up to him, Amir chooses not to open up about his past. The quote” I envied her. Her secrets were out. Spoken. Dealt with. I opened my mouth and almost told her how I had betrayed Hassan, lied, driven him out and destroyed a forty year old friendship between Baba and Ali. But I didn’t. The short sentences couples with the language of resolution mirrors Amir’s jealousy of Soraya who has just opened up about her past as he envies he has the courage to do so. The high modality in “I didn’t” reinforces that Amir was given an opportunity to change, and instead of embracing it he choose not to make effective use of the opportunity This makes change difficult as he his own enemy on his journey to inner redemption Similarly in Tsotsi like Amir we see Tsotsi rejecting the opportunity to change when Boston confronts him. as he is his own barrier resisting his change. When Boston interrogates him after the crime on the Train, eventhough we see Tsotsi pausing contemplating, he responds to Butcher with Violence. The line “ know the word? Tsotsi, Thug? That’s not your real name..and when she left you...may be it hurt”. The confronting language and the series of questions aims to confront Tsotsi and make him re evaluate his actions. Boston’s tone is firm and interrogating. The juxtaposition if the dancing in the background of the bar with the stillness of Tsotsi’s face when the dialogue is spoken makes us realise that Tsotsi is contemplating. However he chooses to respond with violence and beats up Boston severely. Immediately, we see Tsotsi running into the darkness of the night from the bar which is reflects the darkness Tsotsi chooses to remain in rather than reforming. On the same night Tsotsi shoots a woman and steels her car. This shows us that Tsotsi hasn’t changed. Even though Boston interrogation should have served a catalyst for Tsotsi to change, he chooses not to, making his process of change a complex one, as he rejects the opportunity like Amir. Studying “With a song in his heart” I realized that changing self a complex process because it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. For Smith enrolling in a music...
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