Changing Role of Marketing

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The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation

The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation

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Over the past two decades changes in the concept and practice of marketing have been fundamentally reshaping the field .Many of these changes have been initiated by industry in the form of new organisation types without explicit concern for their underlying theoretical explanation or justification. The purpose of this article is to outline roots of changes that are occurring in marketing especially marketing management as a body of knowledge theory and practice and to suggest the need for a new paradigm of the marketing function within the firm. We start by examining the origins of the marketing management framework, the generally accepted paradigm of the marketing discipline for the past three decades then the shifting managerial practice is examined with close emphasis on dissolution of hierarchical bureaucratic structures in favour of networks of buyer – seller relationships and strategic alliances. Within those new forms of organisation the changing role of marketing is discussed and a reconceptualisation of marketing as a field of study and practice is outlined. MARKETING AS A SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC PROCESS

The early roots of marketing as an area of academic study can be found beginning around 1910 in Midwestern American land-grant universities. The analysis was centred on commodities and the institutions involved in moving them from site, mine or farm (Breyer 1934: Duddy and Revzan 1953) to industrial processors, users and consumers and the functions performed by these institutions (McGarry 1950: Weld 1917. Marketing was seen as a set of...
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