Changing Role of Hr Management

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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The Changing Role of Human Resources Management
The ever-changing roles within human resources management (HRM), in response to trends, are from a dynamic environment and the importance of HRM. Every changing organization has a need for a HRM to respond and implement changes. The organizations driven by e-business and technology need to be ready to respond and adapt to the environmental changes and should focus on satisfying the company’s customer needs. In this role, the HRM contributes proactively to the development of global strategic plans and objectives. This essay will explain the changing roles in human resources management to the trends of: (a) globalization, (b) technology, (d) diversity, (e) e-business, and (f) ethics. Globalization

The globalization of a business is the major challenge in human resources within the management of the business, new competitive aspects, and the cultural diversities are adding frequently (Gale Group, 1999). To reach the demands, the HRM is developing new business procedures and practices to adopt the shifting patterns of business. The human resources must deal with numerous challenges like maintaining proper coordination from the business activities in multiple locations around the globe. Human resources must prepare and have an understanding of the increase in global competition. The human resources departments are gaining awareness globally for the development of the human resources teams with activities dealing with the multicultural diversity. Technology

The performance of HRM relies largely on the technological aspects. With the introduction and use of advanced technologies, the abilities and performances of the human resources are in need of required output. Businesses are incorporating advance technologies for meeting the demand of the consumers. This development has the human resources beginning to train continuously on the newer technologies in an effort to create processes, which...
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