Changing Perspective

Topics: Change, 2007 singles, Lie Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Although change can be good and bad, any change is better than no change, it is an unpredictable aspect of life. Sally Morgan’s autobiographical novel My Place shows the changes towards Aboriginals and how three different generations deal with change. Similarly, my related texts The Door and the unseen text have reinforced that any change is better than no change. These texts have altered and informed my understanding of the concept towards changing perspectives. Changing perspectives is better than no change at all. This is shown in my core text My Place, as Sally Morgan’s perspective changes from seeing her world as being an Indian to seeing the world as an Aboriginal. As a child Morgan was lead to believe that she was Indian after consulting her mother about their nationality because her peers “Didn’t want us pretending we were Aussies where we weren’t” this is ironic because they are native Australians. Morgan wants to find more out about their nationality but Daisy retaliates “You’re tryin’ to trick me again”. Daisy has seen a different perspective of change to Glady and Sally. Daisy was taken away from her mother, had her daughters taken away from her, been treated “like a beast in a field, a work animal, nothing more”, whereas Glady was taken away from her mother not knowing why. Daisy and Glady “decided we would definitely never tell the children they were Aboriginal” because they were scared that the Welfare lady might “come and take them away” that would have killed Daisy and Glady. When Glady told Sally that they we Aboriginal (“We’re Aboriginal, aren’t we Mum?”) she is happy to know the truth and is no longer being protected by a “little white lie”. This changed Sally’s perceptive quite literally, from being Indian to Aboriginal. This change also allowed Sally to find her place in the world, she finally felt like she belonged somewhere. Glay also changes her perspectives, feeling that it is time to tell Sally the truth. Daisy as well changes her...
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