Changing Our Lives

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, University Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Changing Our Lives

Going back to college is a major yet life altering decision that requires much preparation and planning. The desire to pursue my college education was a choice worth making. Receiving a degree in today’s overwhelming decline in economic and financial competitive markets, has become more and more of a requirement rather than a choice. Due to our standard of living being impacted by the high level of foreclosures, homelessness, and bankruptcies, more and more people are turning to college as a way to better their lives. As for me, college is a way of opening doors, taking on new challenges and fulfilling my dreams. People are seeking to better their positions by going back to college to get their degrees. As for myself, I am seeking to better my life, give my children a role model while earning a degree to further enrich our lives and my skills and training can be utilized. Whether you are a young adult who entered the job market early or a parent who is sending their own children off to college, it is never too late to start thinking about continuing your education. College may seem intimidating, especially if you have been out for a while. There were many reasons I owed it to myself to return to school and get the degree I always wanted, but never thought I could have. After realizing I was worth it, I decided to begin my search for the best school. Nothing in my life was more important to me than pursuing my dream. No matter what my mother, father, brothers, sisters, significant others or anyone else thought, it was important to me. Going back to fulfill my personal goals and better provide for my family gave me the drive I needed. I want to ensure that my returning is a way of learning to focus on myself for a change. The decision to return to college was my way of investing in myself, following my dreams and doing something new. Tired of toiling at the same job for the past three years, but not doing what I...
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