Changing One's Perception

Topics: Religion, Culture, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Changing One's Perspective
James Padley
April 10, 2011

Changing One's Perspective

There are many times in our lives that we are too quick to pass judgment on others without knowing the whole story, this can be influenced by many aspects of our lives. Some of those aspects are our religious beliefs, cultural, personal beliefs, mood, or personality. Say you are someone riding a bus to work and a woman and her two kids are in the seat next to you. Now the kids are bouncing around and they knock over your coffee on you and you ask the woman to please control her children. Then you find out that she just lost her husband. Well once you found out what was going on your attitude changed. In this paper I want you to get a good understanding as to how and why some people will jump to conclusions before knowing the whole story. Thinking of the scenario that was provided as an example brings me back to a time when times were supposed to be simple. A time when ones biggest concern was to make sure they got up on time to get off to work and the kids off to school and daycare. This time took place in Oklahoma City the day after I turned nineteen years old. I was attending school in a small town called Guthrie that was about thirty minutes from Oklahoma City. I remember this day well because as I was sitting in class, I suddenly heard a thundering roar. The next thing that we knew, we were being told that the federal building in downtown Oklahoma City had just been bombed. This left many scared for loved ones and friends that lived in Oklahoma City. The explosion left so many lives lost that firemen and police were looking for any possible survivors in the rubble. This building wasn’t just made of federal employees but also a daycare that was full of children that belonged too many of the employees. There were one hundred and sixty eight people killed in the bombing, nineteen were children. This is what brings me to my main point of this essay. During the...
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