Changing Lives in the Uae

Topics: Pearl, Family, Sibling Pages: 4 (1673 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Changing Lives in the U.A.E.
         When you look to the U.A.E. now, high technology is everywhere. The latest Vehicles, cellphones, Accessories . People are living a luxurious life where some of them barely sweat for a living, unlike their ancestors . The past had a completely different view and it’s very noticeable specially for older Citizen how have witnessed and lived in this country since before it developed. Here are some extracts from a diary that’s written by a young teenage boy whose father has passed away during his childhood . it shows as a glimpse of how life was back in their days and an idea of his family’s extraordinary life.  

‘’ today I went to work since I am no longer a student, I had to settle down with any job that’s offered. My new boss’s name is Hassan, He’s an old  family friend and an Expert sailor, l think that he felt pity on us and tried to help us financially since father god rest his soul was our only resource of income, it was a few rough months we bought only necessaries and cut down the Consumables by have so we don’t get bankrupted. Our new boss name was hussain lootah famous for being an owner of many ships(2). Both of myself and brother were hired, on our first day we went to the fishing area by the beach in the fish souk ( fish market ) and saw the activists Fishermen working and also, pearls have been treasured and traded as a beautiful adornment for the most weathy (1). I was very enthusiastic, so it was a good feeling to start my day. Finally we got on the boat, hearing the crashing waves and the flying birds was like a remarkable Treatment session. saif was very amazed by one particular thing. The noukhatha ( singers on boat to keep the fishermen and divers active ) he was very interested, It was great seeing a smile on his face specially after our tragedy every one quit smiling for no occasion. the rest of the day we spent on the beach assisting old men and caring heavy boxes of fishes. By evening Hassan came...
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