Changing Lives: Attitudes and Experiences

Topics: Change, Tess Gaerthé, Near death experience Pages: 5 (1742 words) Published: November 24, 2010
'How has your study of Attitudes and Experiences as well as 2 related texts helped you to better understand the Area of Study, 'Changing Lives?'

The Area of Study ‘Changing Lives’ has developed and enhanced my understanding as it shows that Change can bring about important lessons related to overcoming challenges and obstacles, the importance of maintaining will and determination through drastic changes and that a negative change can being about a positive outcome. This was shown through the use of plot, language and film techniques, characters, and context. This is evident in the set text Attitudes and Experiences edited by Deb McPherson the short stories ‘Topic of Cancer’ and ‘Fatal Storm’ as well as supplementary texts 'Guy Sebastian's life changing journey' and the ABC TV series 'Sea Change' are the best to demonstrate the devices and my understanding.

In Attitudes and Experiences, Samantha Miles in 'Topic of Cancer' is a personal recount revealing the drastic change that have occurred to a young girl due to Leukaemia. The young girl Samantha went from being in her second year in university to being diagnosed with Leukaemia and getting told that “I was given three weeks to live.” However after this severe incident things just unexpectedly changed Samantha went from becoming the sickest person around to miraculously recovering from Leukaemia, and from then on become a 'modern miracle'. Samantha had no financial worries, published a book at her age, became a minor celebrity and got a 'real grown up job' in publishing however despite of all the positive feedback her mind was set on the negative. As seen as a positive by many, felt like a negative for Samantha, being sick had become her comfort zone and she panicked when she noticed that she was becoming better. The disease created a strain on her life as she was faced to deal with its repercussions; being forced to leave her social life, university and her independence this meant having to start her life all over again. “‘Getting better’ forced me to re-evaluate everything I'd ever believed in and plunged me into despair I could hardly contain...”

This intense process and dramatic change brought upon obstacles and challenges for Samantha which she needed to face however she overcome them and this was shown through the use of first person as it creates more of an intimacy between the character Samantha and the reader, emotive words were used throughout the short story to help connect the reader with what the character is experiencing emotionally and was also a reflection recounting the experiences and the change Samantha went through.

Another story in Attitudes and Experiences, ‘Fatal Storm’ written by Rob Mundle has the same sort feel to ‘Topic of Cancer’ by Samantha Miles as it shows that change can be a life changing change and how it tells us a recount of a life changing experience. Fatal Storm is an account of the event that happened in 1998 where a Sydney to Hobart yacht race was taken place; it focuses on Tom Campbell and his experience. As the one of the crews is sailing the yacht a life changing tragic event occurs to one of them John Campbell, it all started with the sprinkling of rain got them worried of what could be leading to the next, and what they were afraid of occurring just occurred, an enormous wave thundered in, swamping the yacht and rolling it over. However after five seconds the boat rapidly flipped back to its natural self, although this damaged the yacht and this inflicted the crew’s chance of survival and their chance of winning the race. Peter Meikle one of the crew members noticed that two of the members were on the verge of failing of the yacht and needed help, Peter noticed that Tom needed the most help. Peter had the courage and will to go out there and save him and emotive words were used to emphasise that “Meikle knew he had to get Campbell”. Tom was facing a near death experience as he went unconscious, and ‘To out horror-...
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