“Changing Face of Professional Education in India with Institute – Industry Partnership”

Topics: Higher education, College, Education Pages: 11 (3143 words) Published: August 28, 2008
“Changing Face of Professional Education in India With Institute – Industry Partnership”

Prof. Giri Y.L.
Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engg.
Hadapsar, Pune.


Education in India has a very long history. As knowledge is a very important source of India's competitiveness. But India's ability to tap and nurture the competitiveness would depend on how well education is institutionalized. Education has become India's “super infrastructure''. When the whole world was deep asleep in darkness of ignorance Indians were busy discovering new things. Even today India has largest number of graduates in the world. In the nearly 50 years since independence, India has built a university education system which is second in size only to that of the U.S., with 200 universities and more than 6,300 colleges. There are large numbers of professional courses at the undergraduate level. The education system in the country saw a revolution with the emergence of a whole new class of education providers, including private institutes, distance education providers, self-financing courses in public institutions, foreign education providers etc. Student may opt for any of it depending upon their interest and condition of eligibility.

To succeed in life or business, you need the right tools. And one of the most important tools is education and training. It provides the strongest link between income aspirations and the realization of income goals.

Today India's youth, parents, employers and the self-employed have acquired a keener appreciation of the association between training and skills, income-generating economic opportunities, and formal professional education and careers than in the past.

Prof. Drucker has argued that knowledge travels more effortlessly than money. The knowledge economy relies heavily on knowledge workers. It includes doctors, accountants, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and researchers. Education, as an economic activity, is the result of the institutionalization of the production and dissemination of knowledge. Institutionalization does not refer to the process of establishing institutes! It pertains to the set of decisions, policies, structures and activities that creates stakeholders that in turn work efficiently and consistently towards achieving desirable objectives.

Today Industry-academia interactions are the need of the hour as companies increasingly look for technical graduates with industry-friendly skills. Enrollment figures in higher education system over the years have been rising; it varies widely across different states in India.

To compete with the world today we need industry-friendly skills like leadership, public relations, communication and presentation to be inculcated into the curriculum as well as need to sponsor research, consultancy and industry-institute interaction & also need to create a technology transfer cell which will give students & faculty the necessary platform to transfer research and technology developed by them to different industries.

From earlier days to still, Research is the base of success of our country where the concept of zero, decimal and Pythagoras Theorem were all developed here, is well known for the quality of mind and is recognized as a potential knowledge hub of the world.

Thus, using this background in this paper we would like to highlight on various sub- themes. The focus points are ….

1.The scenario of higher education system in India
2.Indian education system and its positive and negative aspects. 3.The growth in institutions offering professional courses. 4.Various issues in professional education
5.Effective strategies to develop Professional Education
6.Focus on Industry scenario, Current technology, Soft skills and values 7.Importance of Industry-Institute interface

Key words: Knowledge Society, knowledge-based economy, Faculty Development Program, Mentor...
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