Changing Careers

Topics: Career, Employment, Need Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Changing Careers
Changing careers after having worked as a hair stylist for 25 years was scary. My education was limited; I had my high school diploma, a few credits at a junior college, and a license from the Board of Cosmetology. In order to make a career change I had to take inventory on the experiences I had learned throughout my career as a hair stylist and manager of a salon. I had several managerial jobs during my career; I learned how to work with people from all walks of life; I tried to model the work ethics of the establishment by working alongside my employees as much as possible. I had learned to communicate and listen to the client’s needs when they sat in the styling chair. One of the most important lessons was being discreet and not gossiping about the client’s business with others; they often times needed someone to listen to them about their day or problems they had. Now the question was finding work that would satisfy me as much as being a hair stylist. I decided to apply at local school districts subbing as an instructional aide positions, receptionist or any other type of clerical positions available; I needed that one on one connection with people. I didn’t like being confined behind a desk, too limiting; when the instructional aid position opened up with special need teens, I tried it and loved it. I have been employed for seven years now and loving it. I experience the one on one with students, my people skills are continually growing and the satisfaction of doing something good for others is empowering. My job entails many responsibilities; it is never monotonous. I find that I continuously use the four function of management, I am the senior aid with the severely handicap department, knowing how to communicate to my co-workers what is expected in this position is essential; making the needs of needs of the student priority is always our focus. I understood how the external influence what happen internally within a...
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