Changes Toward a Sustainable Society

Topics: Recycling, Sustainable transport, Public transport Pages: 7 (2481 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Changes Toward a Sustainable Society
Steven Aulisio

Changes Toward a Sustainable Society
As mankind strives for advancement we learn from the old ways where we have stumbled in our past. We also adhere to the same mindset as we have in the past as well. As we learn from our past mistakes the changes toward a sustainable society become a reality but we are held back by the same unsustainable way of thinking. Technology which was once destructive to the environment is in many aspects becoming less and less invasive to it. Cultural challenges in population control, and the acceptance of the problems and the technology are still things we must overcome, however these are not impassable barriers. A complete public system needs to be developed around sustainability. Through cultural change and technological advancement and management a complete renewable and sustainable society is achievable. Through the media we learn more and more about the beauty and importance of having children and the fantasy for young adults about sex but this is a cultural influence which is not needed. As cited by Science Daily, “Adolescents who have high levels of exposure to television programs that contain sexual content are twice as likely to be involved in a pregnancy over the following three years as their peers who watch few such shows, according to a new RAND Corporation study.” (RAND, 2008, Para.1) The influence that the media has on people would need to be regulated for change. These are corporations which make money when someone buys the products they advertise for. In this; regulations should be put into place which protect the consumer from any form of cultural control or guidance. With a constant influence aimed at promoting population increase and sex the media has a hold on the future of society. Freedom of speech should be for the individual and not for the corporation. As Hollywood studios are providing a product, this product should have rules and regulations which are no different than the child car seat which fails in an accident. As the media provides an entertainment service and is profiting from it the regulation of ethical responsibility should be in place and enforceable. While politicians ignore what is shown on television they single out the manufacturer for faulty products. Since the media is a money driven machine just like a manufacturer it should be treated as such so that the population can take a more natural curve. towards responsibility and sustainability. As the population reduces the way it uses resources the culture itself needs to be changed from the consumerism it is currently to conservatism required for a sustainable society. As young people learn a place in society a system of teaching young people today can also be instated to teach them that they need to conserve and not be wasteful. Because it takes a long time for a cultural change to take place the time to start the change is now. If the children of today begin the change from consumerism to conservationism the change will be recognized within the next two decades and a sustainable infrastructure can become a reality. Part of a sustainable infrastructure is the transport of the population. Building up the public transit system and making bicycle safety a priority will both allow people to travel at their leisure and also depend upon a working public transportation system instead of driving everywhere while both being unsustainable and cause safety issues. When it comes to personal transportation and the level of it we see today people utilize it because it is either the only thing they know, the only thing available, or the cheapest way to travel. The population whom utilize personal transportation take unnecessary risks every day, and use an ever shrinking fuel reserve. From a sustainability and safety standpoint the current transportation system does not function sustainably or...
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