Changes of the English Language

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Changes of the English language

A language that never changes is a dead language. The English language has been and always will be developing and modifying. I find it fascinating that English is the way it is now. Sentence structure, along with vocabulary and pronunciations are the main components that have changed. Looking back at high school when we read pieces by Shakespeare, I found it very difficult to comprehend everything. Sentence structure was very odd and just seemed backwards to me. I thought to myself, “Well, why wouldn’t he just say it like this?” Slowly over time, English has changed but not too drastically or all at once. Comparing old English to the present day English, it seems to me a huge difference. But overtime, people made up their own words and had shortcuts. Each decade had completely different changes to the English language. This is how English started to evolve. Continuing to do so due to new technologies, products, and experiences, they all require new words to help explain and support the new age. Another way the English language is changing is not in a positive way to me. Increased use of technology is changing everything I believe. Abbreviations and slang are taking over and due to that, I feel that the numbers are increasing of people becoming socially awkward. This can put people in a deficit, especially children and young adults. This is all they know, texting people instead of talking on the telephone. Texting people “Here” when they arrive at a friends house instead of ringing the doorbell. People feel more comfortable texting because they do not have to look the person in the eye. In certain situations this can be a make or break situation. When you go to a job interview, your future boss wants you to be confident in your work, especially if you are going to have close contact with people. You cannot seem unsure of yourself, and I know people who are very socially awkward because of this. Technology has taken over and...
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