Changes Made to the CWT Supervisors Schedules in the New Fiscal Year

Topics: Time, Fiscal year, Submit Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Hello Everyone,

With the start of the new fiscal year for the federal government (October 1) it's a good time to clarify some items that previously may have been unclear.  
1.All CWT supervisors will now be using standardized timecards for recording your time. This is designed to record your actual arrival and departure times to nearest 15 minutes, rather than to just record whether or not you showed up. For example, if you arrive at 9:06a, it can be counted as 9:00a; if you arrive at 9:09a, it will be counted as a start time of 9:15a.  (If you arrive before your tour starts, the regular start time (i.e., 9:00a) is recorded.  This is done both out of fairness and to properly prepare each CWT participant for actual conditions of employment.   2.All CWT participants who train during the 1st shift (during morning / afternoon) have scheduled appointment(s) or treatment meeting(s) to attend each week during that shift.   Therefore, if your "tour of duty" runs Monday thru Friday from 8:00a to 4:30p, you cannot complete 40 hours of training during a regular tour of duty and should not have 40 training hours listed for the week on your timecard.  Even if you have no medical or Mental Health appointments during a week, remember that all veterans who train on first shift do have mandatory CWT Support Group every Thursday from 8:00a to 9:00a (unless you have been otherwise excused.) The number of scheduled treatment appointments will be different for each veteran.  As you're already aware, medical or therapy appointment cannot be skipped in order to train in CWT for an additional hour; otherwise, such can confound your progress in your other treatment program(s). Additionally, missing scheduled treatment groups or appointments will subject you to suspension from CWT. 

3.CWT participants cannot be paid for time spent attending a clinic appointment or meeting.  Doing so is considered fraud and can cause big and unnecessary problems for everyone involved.  ...
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