Changes in the Middle East

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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From the 1800’s to present day, the Middle East has undergone many changes and continuities causing formation of their national identity, main factors that contributed were social aspects on society, government structure, and the strong religious roots they possess. The majority of changes occurred through the society aspects with the treatment of women and the discovery of oil. In Middle Eastern history women have had limited rights and have always been unequal to men. Women have always remained very conservative; being sheltered from other men not being able to go in public being covered from head to toe. The discovery of oil has also created many opportunities for the Middle East giving them a national identity and increasing economy. Their religion and government mostly continued to stay the same. They maintained to have Islam as their dominant religion throughout most of Middle Eastern history. Small changes occurred but never enough to overthrow their well known strong religious roots. In the earlier years of the 1800s to present day, the Middle East has had a moderately oppressive government where citizens had little to no power. Recently citizens have started revolts and revolutions, over throwing the government and are starting to become more democratic.  The Middle Eastern society is greatly effected by their religion since their religious backgrounds are so strong having an effect on their every day life. The Middle East is also effected literature, and the treatment of women and the discovery of oil. Literature was effected greatly by Islam because Muslims regarded the Koran (book of Islam) to be their greatest literary work. Poetry has also been a big part of the Middle Eastern life. It extolled Bedouin tribal life, courage in battle, hunting, sports, and respecting animals of the desert, especially the camel. The camel has always been highly respected in the Middle East mostly because it helped benefit trade and labor. Poetry will continue to be a...
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