Changes in the Early 19th Century

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  • Published : December 20, 2005
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There were many changes that occurred in the early nineteenth century. America was a relatively new country that people wanted to explore and find more about. In the 1800's there was visible change in the economy such as the Irish and German immigrants, the inequalities of women, and the Second Great Awakening. Immigrants in the 19th century played an important role in society. Many Europeans were coming over to America for the main reason that Europe was just too crowded. A driving force that caused the Irish to come over was the potato famine. The potato famine was a time in Ireland when they did not have enough food to supply to people. As a result of the lack of food, immigrants came here, to America. The Irish added to pollution, diseases, and poverty. The Germans were more helpful in developing our growing country. They came to America because they also had land and food shortages. Unlike the Irish the Germans had a small amount of material and good that they brought over with them. They also established farms and they helped shape American life today by contributing the, Conestoga wagon, the Christmas tree and the Kentucky rifle. The second Great Awakening was a period of time in the early 19th century that introduced a new style of Christianity. This new type of Christianity had a focus on, "sin as human action"(Scott, p.1). There was a sudden shift and conversion in the 1800's. Many people found it popular to convert to this new and less known religion. It contained clear ideas about sin, God's power and the promise of salvation. Many people found this interesting and in turn wanted to be, "awakened"(Scott, p.3). These evangelicals believed in converting the world to their religion. They went place-to-place convincing people to join and convert, which is a main reason many people did so. Also people converted because they were told they would enter a state of humility and lover towards God. As a result of modernization, industrialization, and changes in...
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