Changes in the 300 C.E. to 600 C.E. in the Indian Civilization

Topics: Buddhism, Hindu, India Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Through the time period 300 C.E. to 600 C.E the Indian Civilization has changed but also stayed the same culturally and politically. The Gupta Dynasty created peace and prosperity known as the Golden Age of India, the silk road brough relligions and ideas from other areas and united most of India. Due to the silk roade the Indian Civilization gained many goods, ideas and technologies. Due to this the gupta Dynasty was able to create the Hindu culture that remains dominant in India. Although Hindu was dominant, India changed in the fact that it also supported the South East Asian religion of Buddhism in some areas. Although the silk road has caused the influx of influence from foreign nations, India has remained the same in the sense that it has been able to resist the influence of North-Western Countries. The Golden Age of India also occured in India which was similar to the Pax Romana in Rome. Indian Culture was changed due to th revolution on art, science, mathematics and architecture due to this period of peace and prosperity. This made possible the spread of ideas from India to the Arab world and then onto Europe. The Golden Age of India changed their culture forever. The silk roa also increaed and changed the political power of India due to the luxury goods that they exported to European nations. The want and need for these goods in Western Nations gave India influential power over them. Over time this caused the strenghening and expansion the the Gupta Dynasty. Over time India's culture and political power grew as other countries became fond of their luxury exports. Hinduism was dominant in India which created the Caste System in India. Although Hinduism was dominant, Buddhism also became popular in many areas of India.
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