Changes in School

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Education has changed throughout time and will continue changing. With many changes for better or for worse, education will still be a priority for our children. After interviewing two teachers that have been in the education workforce for over twenty years, I realized how much change in society has affected the way teachers taught their students.

The first teacher I interviewed had been teaching for twenty-five years and is a sixth grade teacher. She noted that any change in our culture has made a difference in her classroom. As part of the changes the role of schools and education will also be different both in the educational system and in the society. Together with them the role of teachers will also change. The way students are learning is changing therefore, the tools to accommodate these demands are changing as well. She commented that technology is now a great part of today’s education. She said its like an “explosion of technology” has hit our generation. Although she says that technology has brought many opportunities it has brought challenges as well. For example, it is an advantage for her to integrate computers in her classroom for learning. But it is a huge distraction when her students have cell phones and music player devices in class. She commented that “children in sixth grade shouldn’t even own cell phones.” They are too young to have cell phones and notices that twenty years ago, her students were not known to have such things. Technology is becoming more and more advanced everyday. Items that are faster and sleeker are replacing items that were once used.

The teacher also commented that the role of parents throughout her time in teaching has changed as well. She noticed a change in the amount of parent involvement. She said that parents today are more involved in their child’s education than back then.

The second teacher I interviewed, has been teaching for twenty years and is a third grade teacher. She says that the role of teachers...
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