Changes in Management Practices

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Changes in Management Practices
Ralph’s Rockin Ribs

Changes in Management Practices for Stage 2
My business I selected is Ralph’s Rockin’ Ribs who are in the first stage, the Silo Stage, of business maturity, and are moving into the second phase which can be a tricky phase if not properly implemented. In order to standardize the technology, they must force a new way of thinking on the business leaders to start thinking about what is best for the company in addition to their own business needs. (Ross 2006). These are the funding goals I would suggest to the company as they move from level one to level two: 1. Create an IT Priorities Committee, made up of the executives that have the businesses that are moving into the future in the right way. I would limit this committee to no more than 15% of the number of stores you currently have, and pick the members from all over the nation, not just in one area. 2. Centralize funding of these growth items at the national level, and don’t make each store responsible to pay for its own IT growth, or to maintain the committee’s decided standards. 3. Replace old technologies with newer more efficient equipment and software. There are many other challenges that a silo will face when maturing into a level two business that are all based around adhering to the newer standardized technologies, and ensuring that the appropriate standards are met, unless an exception is needed. All of these changes will have the IT cost in mind, with the goal of reducing the overall cost of IT since they will be nationwide networked now, instead of hundreds of stand-alone units with no network affiliation at all. Changes to Management Practices Related to Business Processes

The main business processes now through the IT networks will be able to be done at the regional or national level with the help of upgraded technologies, added personnel, and proper EA of these new processes. Before, the stores were several...
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