Changes in Indian Cinema

Topics: Film, Bollywood, Cinema of India Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Cinema is, without doubt, the greatest medium of entertainment but at the same time, it also reflects the true mood of the society. The Indian cinema has changed through times and has always tried to cope with the changing reality. Reel life, they say, is a reflection of real life. The influence has never been unidirectional – Indian society and cinema has been influencing each other altogether. Cinema is the replication of the society and society also watches and starts accepting the changes introduced by cinema, I think both influence each other well. Generally behind any creative thing there is an inspiration, hence for the cinemas it more the society that we live in. Through cinemas, only we come to know about the different issues that are prevailing in India but somehow we ignore them. Its cinema only, which brings that ugly face out in the market. From Mother India to Jodhaa Akbar, Bollywood has seen a world of change. From black and white to color and from mute to Dolby Digital, the change has been immense and unimaginable. In many ways the last decade in Indian cinema mirrors changes that occurred in the Indian economy. There was an era of cinema which appears too melodramatic to our present generation. The characters used to shed tears at a drop of a hat and dialogue delivery used to be multi-tonus. Despite such peculiar play on emotions films used to gather crowd. Compared to the scene today, the display of emotions is more subtle and thus much more near to reality. Earlier most of the emphasis used to lay upon the acting and expressions of the stars. Now the film makers have started giving much more importance to the visual appeal of the film. A film is supposed to be aesthetically appealing also in order to be as complete package. Recent films like Race and the Dhoom series have sold solely on the basis of visual appeal. As lamented by the older generations, films nowadays are serving more titillation and exposure than ever. Heroines are wearing...
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