Changes in Hr Management over 50 Years

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Challenge Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: May 10, 2013
There are many different challenges that managers face today when compared to 50 years ago. The rise of the Internet has led to employees and companies alike having access to an increasing amount of media and information. Managers must employ new methods of motivation to deal with these new challenges.

Diversity is the first change that managers must deal with when it comes to motivating their employees. 50 years ago, there were fewer women in the work force, and minority groups were underrepresented in the workforce. Not everyone is motivated in the same way. As our society continues this trend towards increased diversity, the need for developing new methods to motivate employees is even more important. Thus, motivating today’s diverse workforce poses a greater challenge than 50 years ago when the workforce was more homogeneous.

For instance, McClelland's needs theory states that people are motivated by three basic needs: the need for achievement, power, and affiliation. Those motivated by achievement strive for excellence, enjoy competition, and like challenging goals. A manager who clearly states goals and how to achieve them would best motivate this type of person. Second, McClelland’s theory states that some people are motivated by power. This type of person has a desire to influence others, the urge to change people or events, and wants to make a difference in life. A manager must make sure the employee has a chance to make a difference within the company in order to motivate him or her. Allowing them to make decisions or putting them in control of a special project could accomplish this. The final type of motivation in McClelland's needs theory is the need for affiliation. These types of people enjoy close relationships with others. They dislike conflict and are motivated to break down barriers to closeness. Managers must make sure people with a strong need for affiliation work with a group of people. It is important for managers to recognize the...
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