Changes in Europe from 1800 - 1900

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  • Published : May 31, 2011
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1800: In 1800 European map was nothing like it is today. On the North of the Europe most possessions had Britain, Denmark and Netherlands. Britain had a control over the whole Great Britain and Ireland, Denmark had a control over Iceland and Netherlands had Norway and Batavian Republic under itself. On the North was Sweden, too, but it was almost the same like it is today, just that it had a part of today's Finland that didn't exist at that time. East and South East were mostly under Ottoman Empire and Habsburg dynasty. Ottoman Empire captured today's Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro. At that time, there weren't all those countries, but Moldavia, Walachia and Ionian Republic. Territories of today's Croatia, part of Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, half of Poland, South of Germany and North East of Italy were under Austrian Habsburg dynasty. It was all called Hungary and it had two regions- Galicia and Transylvania. The only country in East Europe that was free from Ottoman Empire and Hungary was Prussia who had its few possessions in Germany. Apennine and Iberian Peninsula had many small countries. In the Apennine there were Cisalpine Republic, Piedmont, Ligurian Republic, and on Iberian Peninsula there were Tuscany, Papal States and Naples, which are today regions in Italy. At that time Italy did not exist as a country. West and Central Europe weren't that different than they are today. France, Spain and Portugal had the same boundaries. The only difference was that at that time there was no Switzerland, but instead there was Helvetian Republic, and there was no Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Andorra and German territory was lot smaller.

1900: From 1800 to 1900 lots of events happened which influenced a lot on changes on map. Napoleonic wars enabled France to capture Spain, Italy, Netherlands and most of Central and Western Europe except for Prussia and Austria. Great Britain remained...
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