Changes in Europe After Ww2

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  • Published : May 21, 2008
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Peace and stability
After the WWll the equation between countries had been changing, power left the Europe and it reborn in the USA and The soviet Russia. And the six European countries wanted to struggle with them because European countries maintained that being strong is one way to protect peace and stability.

Moreover, that belief was established by many people who is the pioneer of EU as mentality such as Robert Schumann, Conrad Adenauer and Winston Churchill . this idea determined the boundary of that institution for making whole countries as equal. Safety and security

About 45-60 million people were killed during the WWII and approximately 45 million people also affected from WWII so European did not believe that they lived safe. As a result, safety and security has been a vital issue for Europeans since the end of WWII.\

After the fall of the Berlin wall and the soviet crumbled European assimilated that their future based on their peace and working together hence their future lay within the family of democratic European nations) established the European coal and steel community to share wealth, and to improve their power together.

Today this community turns into the part of EU so it has been reaching the huge rate. For example (1), ‘’in the WTO (world trade organization) EU has a strong lobby that affect its meeting and protects EU’s rights.’’ Identity and diversity in a globalised world

After the WWII European union effects on Europe has been reaching the huge rates that means it affects the whole Europe. To begin with living standards are very good but also in equality between rich and poor is very huge so it is not match with EU’s aim.

Moreover recently Europe as a whole is more powerful than the sum of all countries in Europe. For example, EU has been playing a vital role in the world trading organizations for example as I mention that it plays a significant role in the WTO. Secondly it makes Europe...
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