Changes in Business Organization

Topics: Management, Change management, Organization Pages: 8 (2941 words) Published: August 28, 2010
Organizational change is a natural process. Change is inevitable. Change relies with the time, situation, competition and the market environment. Organizational Change is a process guided by the environment. Organization needs to change its structure as well as the system to meet the goals and the mission. Basically, Organizational change is in subject to organization structure change, as just opposite of smaller changes just like recruiting a new employee, modifying and altering an equipments and machineries etc. Organizational structure change can be included a change in vision, mission and its strategy, restructuring business processes, change in the way of operations, introducing new technologies, company mergers and acquisitions, commencing of major collaborations, rightsizing, practicing new management theories and approaches, Change in organizational behaviour and the practices etc. Organizational transformation is also can be taken as an organizational change. Organizational change is not so difficult process as it required by the time and management to structure or navigate. Organizations try to curve the rules, laws and the strategies; organization expects stakeholders to hold the change because an organization like change or it is fighting to overcome the current troubles and the failures. When organization planning to change its structure, they are well prepared and it never make a poorly-structured change. It is by nature that the poorly structured change fails and a well-structured one succeed. However the well structured change fail due to the poor communication system and it leads to fail an organizational process in long run. Sometimes also it happened that the badly-structured changes excellently executed, with the result that no one changes. Human behaviour and its nature is very complex and they are generally reluctant to change. Human being does not want to resist the change as they need to adopt the changes. Organization change is mostly lacking of the clarity and the strategies for the change. Organization develops the strategy but it is generally somehow difficult to execute in a long run as it needs to face the various difficulties and barriers in long run. In the industrial history, most of the organizations became a victim of unfair changes in its structure and the strategies. So, people do not easily accept the changes in the system and management process. Organizational change is overcomplicated by worst execution. Change principles are simple to know but it’s not so easy to adopt. Being the management students we should concentrate and focus on Organization design and development principles on behalf of Human Performance Improvement. Organizational change also needs good leaders to give continuity in implementing the change in long run that company keep achieving its success in future. Better identification and selection of the potential leaders sequentially help members the top hierarchy of organizations with those who are by position emotionally and mentally liable to produce change. Successful change management plans and strategies require not only an awareness of personal behaviour, but also needs an environmental as well workplace evolutionary trends. Many organizations only believe half the picture and keep depends on historical facts of successes. The organizational environment trends they are seeing do not have factual context, thereby this method will reduce many possible solutions that previously may have worked. In my opinion, most of what I believe with reference to change, it hasn't changed over the years. I don’t think that organization is successfully adopting the changes it is only restructured, modified, improved upon, etc. Generally if an organization define the objective of the organizations, it needs to train its employee, needs to communicate at all levels of management expectations. Change must be clearly concerned to an important, strategic business objective, else...
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