Changes for Looking for Alibrandi

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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Analysing the Text
The novel text Looking for Alibrandi is a great novel to study about change because this novel deals with many aspects of changes including perspective change and attitude change

In the novel, when Michael Andretti first finds out about Josie he says “I do not want to see her. I do not want to love her. I do not want a complication in my life” this is dialogue which is telling us that Michael is angry and he has a negative response to wanting to know his daughter. As the novel progresses, Josie and Michael Andretti start to bond more, enjoying each other’s company and starting a father and daughter relationship, where Michael is changing his perspective on knowing his daughter. As Josie says “I love Michael Andretti more and more everyday” The repetition of word “more” shows us that Josie really means what she says. This is an example of perspective change. The attitude change in the novel would mainly highlight Josie and her grandmother Nonna’s relationship, Her over baring, traditional Italian women who is afraid of change and tries to protect Josie from the new world. The beginning of the novel Josie has a negative attitude towards Nonna where her Nonna would always say “I am an old woman now and I deserve respect” the tone shows us that she is upset, sad and is not gaining enough respect that she deserves, but as novel went on they had became closer and closer and through this closeness Josie learns of her Nonna’s secret that Josie’s mother’s biological father is not Francesco but is Frances Sanford an Australian man who had been there for Nonna when Francesco was treating her poorly, “Your Grandfather treated me like one of his farm animals” as Nonna tells her the story Josie starts to resent herself because of what Francesco did to Nonna. After hearing this story Josie realises that her Nonna isn’t that bad as she has thought, realising that she is only human and in many other ways, as a young women similar to herself, gaining...
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