Change Year of Wonders

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Essay: Year of Wonders

“I wonder if you know how much you have changed”
While a catalyst of change for some, not all those in the novel are transformed by “year of wonders”. Discuss.

Change is an external component in people’s lives, which has the great power to transform us. When something unusual occurs or changes are introduced into our lives, we are affected and are forced to react to the unfamiliarity. This will call on us to change certain aspects of our lives and as a result we will learn and grow as characters from the experience. In “Year of Wonders” the people of the town of Eyam are evicted from their comfort zones and are uncompromisingly placed into the gruelling catastrophe of a plague. The devastation of the plague is forced upon them. The people’s experience of facing the strangeness compels the people of Eyam to change and develop. The principle protagonists of the town, Michael Mompellion and Anna Frith both change due to their experiences of the plague and through their interaction during the year; however not all of the protagonists are positively transformed. There are those who gain and those who lose in the face of adversity and these changes in the characters highlight the true effect, which the misfortune has on them.

The narrator of the text, Anna Frith is an individual who is changed and transformed positively by the adversity. Being a widow, the closest people to her in her life are her two young sons, Jamie and Tom, “she draws comfort from loving her children” and they give her a “sense of purpose.” This sense of duty is extended when she accepts George Viccars into her family and provides for him. Anna looses her entire family to infection however her struggle doesn’t take away her sense of duty. After she has already endured the death of her husband, Sam in a mining accident, Anna is not spared the wrath of the plague and George Viccars, the man whose touch her “body hungered” becomes the first victim of the plague. Both...