Change vs. Development

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  • Published : March 8, 2005
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Change Vs. Development

Due: 8/21/2003

The concepts of change and development come up frequently in the fields of business, technology, education, sociology, psychology, and many other fields. These concepts may appear to be the same, or similar, but they are very different concepts. According to Webster's Universal College Dictionary, the definition of change is as follows: "To make different in form; to transform; to exchange for another or others; to give and take reciprocally; to transfer from one to another; to give or get smaller money; to give or get foreign money in exchange for; to remove and replace the coverings or garments of; to become different; to become altered or modified; to become transformed; to transfer between conveyances; to make an exchange; to pass from one phase to another; a replacement or substitution; a transformation or modification; variety or novelty." The synonyms for the word change, as listed in Roget's Desk Thesaurus, are: "alter, modify, make different, adjust, shift, vary, recast, restyle, remodel, reorganize, reform, revolutionize, transfer, transmute, mutate, transform, turn, convert, metamorphose; exchange, replace, substitute, swap, trade, switch, shift, interchange, shuffle, remove and replace; difference, modification, switch, shift, variation, deviation, variety, fluctuation, veering, alteration, conversion, substitution, swapping, reform, reformation, revolution, reorganization, and remodeling." Roget's Desk thesaurus even gives a good definition of the word change: "Change means to make a difference in the state or condition of a thing. To change is to make a material or radical difference or to substitute one thing for another of the same kind." Development, according to Webster's Universal College Dictionary is defined as follows: "The act or process of developing; a significant consequence or event; a developed state or form (maturity); a large group of dwellings; the raising of funds, expansion of...
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