Change to Society Since 9/11

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  • Published : August 25, 2009
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Describe and explain change(s) in a society you have studied this year.

On the eleventh of September, 2001, four planes set off bound for separate destinations across the United States of America. Little did the passengers know as they boarded these planes that they would never live to see another day, as Muslim hijackers were onboard the flights with the intention of launching a terrorist attack on the country. Two of the four planes were deliberately crashed into the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan, New York City, killing thousands of people and injuring hundreds more. A third plane was flown, once again deliberately, into the Pentagon – the headquarters of the US Department of Defence – killing everyone on board. The fourth plane was bound for the country’s capital city, Washington D.C., but the passengers managed to stop the hijackers from reaching this destination and instead crashed the aircraft into a field in Pennsylvania. Everyone on board the plane was still killed, but they saved hundreds of innocent civilians from losing their lives should the plane have continued to Washington D.C. As a result of the Muslim attackers, Amercian society changed in a massive way. It changed the way they think of, and behave around, people of the Muslim culture; it affected the nation’s security measures greatly and it made people in America lose their sense of trust in President Bush and his government. Before September, 2001, Muslims were regarded as a peaceful race and lived in harmony with the Amercian people. The Americans had no reason to dislike them or discriminate against them, but after 9/11 everything changed. For the sole reason that the suicide terrorists happened to be Muslim, Americans (and indeed the rest of the world) have grown to hate this society, labelling them as killers and criminals. Innocent Muslims have been threatened with death by random people who have no right to judge them, and frequently experience violent attacks from passersby just...
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