Change Theories, Implementation of Change and Abilities of Changing Agent

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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(Change Theories, implementation of change and abilities of changing agent)


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Level: 7

Module: Change Management.


Table of contents Table of contents
Part (A)
Critically appraise change theories, tools and techniques.
1. What is Change Management?
1.1 theories
1.2 Tools
1.3 Techniques
2. Analysis of theories in an organisation
3. Risk Management
3.1 techniques
3.2 applications
4. Impact of globalization on change theories.
Part (B) critically appraise the implementation of the change process including resistance to change and practical management aspects. 5. Real life example of change process and its implementation 6. Resistance to change

6.1 organisational cultural behaviors
6.2 organisational policies, power
6.3 Influence of individual group.

7. Strategies/approaches to overcome resistance of change
8. Source of conflict to change
9. Strategies/Approaches deal with potential source of change. Part (C) develops the student’s ability to act as a change agent within an organisation. 10. Behavior attitude of a change agent/leader.

11. Personal attitude, values and behavior that shows the area of change. 12. Action plan of a changing agent.
13. Bibliography
14. Reference.

What is change Management?

Think of all the major changes in your life,...
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