Change the World with Every Bite

Topics: Waste, Food, Waste management Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: December 7, 2012
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Topic: You can change the world with every bite(Sustainable development)

Global The world population would reach to 90 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, growing competition for water, energy and land, pulsing over-exploration of fishery increase the difficulty of satisfying people food demand on quality and quantity globally 1. Additionally, the globalized agriculture system is fragile, especially for climate change. For example, moderate temperature warming in U.S. reduces the global yield of wheat, maize that leads to 4.8 billion cost2. Consequently, as one of most densely populated area3, food security in Hong Kong is more serious and will be the major constraints sustainable development in the future. This is due to Hong Kong heavily depends on imported food, for example, 90% fresh food from mainland China4. How could we feed up people in the future? The Solutions are multifaceted. But for us, how and what we eat make big differences. Firstly, purchase organic and seasonal food from certificated suppliers in mainland because of low carbon footprint and less environmental impacts. Secondly, change our food consumption behaviors and reduce food waste. In comparison to meat-eating diet, vegetarian halves agricultural greenhouse emission5. Currently, Hong Kong food waste projects (e.g. Organic Waste Treatment Facilities) are still not efficient to deal with around 3,500 tones daily food waste and corresponding greenhouse emission6. Finally, cherish what we eat. 1 kg flowering cabbage might cost 10 HKD, however, the underlying environmental value is invaluable.

Reference list:
1. H. Charles J. Godfray et al(2010) Food Security : The challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People Science 327 812-818 2. NOAA(2009) An Assessment of Climate change and it key effects for American Agriculture Available at : (Assessed date:2012/11/19) 3....
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