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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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The two texts I’ve chosen are coach carter, the film and a quitline bus poster. Both of these texts explore change through the ideas that there is a reluctance to change and that change is essential for growth.

For coach carter, to show a reluctance to change I’ve chosen to use scene 2. This scene shows reluctance to change through the attitudes of the players. |The lighting in this scene is dim, which immediately sets a somber mood within the gym. It starts off with the former coach talking to the boys. When he’s talking the body language of the players is attentive and facing toward the coach, they are respectful and quiet and engaging in what he’s saying. | |

| In contrast when he leaves and coach carter begins to speak, their |There is also a stand-off attitude coming from the boys shown through the | |body language immediately changes, the boys turn their backs to the |placement of characters. The boys are in one big group standing together| |coach and begin talking amongst themselves and showing no respect for him.|and the coach is in front by himself. The fact that the distance | |This lack of respect already creates a reluctance to change; they’re not |between the boys and the coach is so evident shows they’re not willing to | |even willing to accept a small change in their lives such as the change of|allow him to be part of the team, they don’t want to change. | |their basketball coach. | | |When the boys finally do pay some attention to the coach their dialogue |Reluctance to change is also shown in the bus poster. The fact that | |again shows a lack of respect, the rude and arrogant language directed at |there is tar still being poured into the cup is an indication of this. | |the coach gives another indication that they don’t want to accept him and |The average amount of tar...
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