Change Process

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The first factor to be assessed in a change process is to determine whether or not a particular status quo is in need of change. If the answer is yes, then the agent needs to identify the nature and relative strength of the driving and restraining forces operating in the force field. From the analysis, a determination is made of which one or several restraining forces is to be altered in order for the desired change to occur (Lewin, 1951). In my organization, the change that management could undertake to improve patient care lies in the staffing patterns. I will outline steps that are needed to implement this change using Lewin’s change theory. Unfreezing;

Determine the need for the change in staffing
Method used includes observation of day to day activities
Looking at various research findings, evidence base practice. Reviewing records of harm caused by staffing such as falls, medication errors and infections.

,Please read the directions for Assignment one, then revise and resubmit a one-page abbreviated Topical Outline by Tues., Oct. 9. Your staffing and scheduling change initiative needs to be presented briefly with a one-sentence statement of the problem followed by each of three stages of Lewin’s Change Theory. Outline each of steps that you would need to take in order to implement the change project from ground zero (not what your administrators would do. Envision that you have full ability to bring about a change. What needs to be considered? Who needs to be included in initial discussions? What kind of resistance would you expect? Think of all the steps that would need to take place in order to successfully implement a change in staffing and how you would go about ensuring that this happens. You need two scholarly peer-reviewed references and one needs to be by Lewin, rather than a secondary source citation from your textbook. There are multiple errors on your reference page. You can use the narrative below as appropriate, in your final project paper. Right now, you need an outline that will guide your writing for the final project paper.

The Change Process
Select a title for your project that reflects what it entails, ie, A Change Initiative Project: Staffing and Scheduling in an Acute Care Hospital Setti

The Change Process
Change is defined as a dynamic process by which an alteration is brought about that makes a distinct difference (Grohar-Murray, 2011, p. 250-260). The main goal of effectuating change is to see a difference from past actions being taken in the area where change is sort.? In nursing there is a constant movement toward change occurring to better the care and the efficiency of the organization. I will outline onearea that change is needed in my current facility and the steps required initiating this change. An important aspect of change is that someone must initiate it. A change agent is defined as someone who initiates an idea for a goal directed change, directs stages of the change process or does both (Grohar-Murray, 2011, p. 250-260). Change must be planned and managed, without such a structure it can cause damage. In the nursing profession the upper management normally effectuates change and then it filters down to staff members. Staff members are tasked with the job of actually implementing the change into their already established routines. At times, staff members are included in the proposal of change initiatives in the organization. Other times, nurses are merely made aware and told to implement. I believe it is best to involve the nurses in the decision of the change. The successes of changes in any workplace depend on the support and willingness of all staff at all levels. In my organization, the change that management could undertake to improve patient care lies in the staffing patterns. Staffing is an issue in most facilities. It is imperative that at all times, the ratio of nurses to patient be enough to handle the high volume of patient that come...
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