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In 1206 a warrior named Temijun founded the Mongol Empire and became Genghis Khan. He gained power by uniting nomadic groups in Asia. After founding the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan began the Mongol invasions which led to Mongol hegemony in Asia and parts of Europe. Although Mongol invasions were violent, barbaric, and destructive, Mongol hegemony brought about lasting beneficial changes and created prosperity due to the Mongol commanders religious and artistic tolerance.

In1207, a year after becoming great emperor of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan began his first conquest in Asia. After conquering Xi Xia, their ruler became a vassal of the khagan and was required to pay a tribute. The Mongols then conquered the Jin Empire. In 1227, Genghis Khan died and his son Ogedei was named his successor. The Mongols resumed their conquests in China and by 1234, they conquered all of north China. A year later in 1235, the Mongols conquered south China. During Mongol hegemony in China, a new social structure was established. Mongol commanders wanted to keep the distinction between the Chinese and Mongols apparent. Chinese poetry and essay writing grew weaker during Mongol hegemony. On the other hand, Chinese entertainment such as musical dramas flourished. Economically, secured trade routes created wealthy merchants and cities.

From 1236-1240, the Mongols conquered Russia. During Mongol hegemony in Russia, an economic change was the increase in trade due to Mongol links. Similar to previously conquered areas, Russia had to pay tribute to the Mongols. The Mongol's religious tolerance benefited the Orthodox church. The Mongol's Russian conquest led to changes in Russian military organization and the political style of the rulers. Russia strengthened and their control centralized.
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