Change My Life

Topics: Learning, Education, Education in the United States Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Change my life
All the people know that life is full of troubles, and actually it is a process of solving old troubles and waiting for the new ones to come. Sometimes people will find the lives they have are not what they want. In fact they are facing a turning point at that particular time, either accept the current situation or find a way to change. Personally, I was in that situation too before I came to the United States, and what I did to change myself was to find what caused me to be not satisfied with the current situation, look for a new place to start a new life, and overcome my weaknesses in order to get myself ready for a new start.

First of all, when I realized it wasn’t the life I want to have, I would find the causes that made me be unsatisfied with my life. Only in this way I can know exactly what my problems are, so I could try t correct them if I want to change myself. For example, when I failed the Chinese University Entrance Examination, my parents were so disappointed about my performance and thought to send me to a private Chinese university to finish the college study in order to take over my family business. That was not the life I wanted because I was not interested in my father’s business at all. The idea of changing me came to my mind at that time, so I started to look for the causes that made me fail in the exams. I noticed the reason was about attitude. Since I was tired of the Chinese education system, I lost the passion of studying rather than I wasn’t smart enough to follow the courses. In China, teachers only care about their students’ test scores rather than practical knowledge. In my mind, education system shouldn’t be in that way, so I was quite annoyed and tired of learning in that system. After I found out the reason, I felt confident I could become a good student if I could change my learning attitude. Thus, the first step of changing me was quite successful as I found out the problem, and ready to take...
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