Change Management Reflective

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Change Management Reflective
As computers become increasingly more commonplace in the workplace and households, vast amounts of information have become available in a variety of ways. The accessibility and connectivity computers offer create a plethora of possibilities. Because of the numerous advantages and opportunities, these advancements have made their way into the educational system. Just as computers have transformed the daily lives of individuals and businesses, they have renovated, reinvented and revolutionized traditional education and its systems.

According to Brewer (2003), “over the last dozen years, local and federal governments and private organizations have made tremendous investments in bringing computers and technology into the classroom at all levels of the educational enterprise” (p. 657). However, many argue that despite the great financial investment to place technology in the classroom, it is often “oversold and underused” (Cuban as cited in Brewer, 2003, p. 657). Due to the fact that many educators do not utilize these technologies within their classrooms, observers have begun to question the investment in a resource that is not changing the face of education (Morrison & Lowther, n.d.). In an effort to combat these arguments instructional models have been developed to assist educators with the integration of technology in the classroom.

One such model is the NTeQ model which promotes the use of computers as tools rather than a replacement for either the teacher or practice drills (Morrison & Lowther, 2005). This model was designed to assist educators in teaching “students how to use a computer as a tool and [encourage] higher-level thinking and processing” (Morrison & Lowther, 2005, para. 20). Despite the numerous benefits of the NTeQ model, there are deficits that educators must overcome when creating lesson plans from this model.

One identified problem with the NTeQ format centers on availability and consistency. Often,...
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