Change Management Questionnaire

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 10 (1049 words) Published: April 6, 2011
What position did you hold in the organization at the beginning of change?


Manager without a team or employee

Director or member of the executive committee

Project manager

Team Leader


According to you what was the project kick off date?

Organizational culture: employees of the organization have been hired /trained in France?

the corporate culture is very French

the organization is truly multicultural

little French: senior management are mostly non-French

rather French, but there are other cultural influences

Is your organization familiar with strategic change? What suits the best?

the great curve: a gradual transformation since several years

the long straight: no major change for the last 5 years

the mountain road: permanent changes and sometimes contradictory

the turn at right angles: a radical strategic change in a short time

The change has led to ... (3 answers maximum)

new targets for each

new working methods

a new information system

Staff downsizing

an complete change of the organization with a new organizational chart

geographical relocation of staff

a really different and new tasks alocation

What is your role throughout the change?

I am project leader or responsible for part of the project

I attend the steering committee of the organization

I experienced this change (positively or negatively)

I am an observer of change without being directly affected

I have participated in the project

In your opinion, caused the change, your business:

is subject to competition

is not subject to competition

In your opinion what was the main cause of this change?

I do not know who /what caused the change

growth of the size of the business

production of new goods or services for customers

replacement of a production tool

a transfer made by the strategic direction

a financial constraint (budget reduction - improved productivity targets...)
branch or subsidiary of the group that has imposed new rules

Originally the change would primarily benefit


customers (or administered)

leaders (not shareholders)


Other: thank you for specifying

How Is management involved in the project?

not really involved in this project

regularly by the normal channels

regularly through a project steering committee

Only if difficulties and tensions araised

Only at project launch

In your opinion and from what was expected – is the project on track?

I do not know what was originally planned

no, the project was abandoned

yes, but with some adjustments

Yes: as planned

not quite: the objectives have been largely revised

What factors have contributed or are contributing to the success of the project? (4 answers maximum)

good flow of information between the project team and the rest of the organization measurement and regular publication of indicators

quality of training provided to those concerned...
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