Change Management

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Change management.

Building on the analysis of a problem in your organisation (used in assignment 1), analyse what changes are needed. What processes will you use to implement changes?

The issue I discussed in assignment 1 involved the implementation of a project that, although the clear aim was never articulated, could be assumed to be an attempt to streamline the operational processes.1

Solutions to this problem were multifaceted, …………clear goals, communication However creating a structure and framework with which practically to implement change is more difficult because of the differing agendas of the protagonists. The approach of all concerned nonetheless should be to continue to develop and maintain quality health care services which meet the identified needs of the community. With the underlying aspect of change management trying to manage a change and to still maintain a strategic vision, it is important to clarify the strategic vision for everyone. The core function of a hospital is to service the health needs of the people in the surrounding area and also to provide teaching and research. Therefore the strategic vision should be one that encompasses the hospital as a leading health service where the highest standards of care are supported by education, research and teamwork. Instead of service delivery being adapted around problems as they arise, it needs to be strategically developed in line with service demands and efficient design principles. Changes are constantly occurring in the health care system because of politics, infrastructure development, systems implementation, changing models of care and changing processes and technology.

It is crucial to align the needs and resources of communities to ensure that health care requirements are met. Health care providers and managers need to manage services in an open manner and be accountable for

One of the main issues, and one that should be foremost, that was badly handled in this case was a clear definition of the problem. It possible was clear to the health administrators but for successful implementation of change all parties involved need to be aware of the aim. This was aggravated(?) by the lack of communication between the When changing models of care there are a few principles that must be maintained for efficient and smooth transition These arte

-constant an consistent collaboration, communication and collaboration and consultation -facilitation of joint decision making between the health care providers and the consumers -based on the most appropriate evident

-use of a quality framework to facilitate continuous clinical improvement -planned evaluation

In this scenario managing organisational change fell at the first hurdle. The problem was not clearly defined. Whilst it may have been to the systems administrators, it was not communicated to the rest of the people(?) involved. The staff it affected the most had no idea what the issues with the current model of care were and why changes were necessary. Without a clear definition of the problem there was no understanding of why the current model of care needed to change. Assuming from the health care administrators view the problem was that the time patients on our ward were spending in hospital was consistently longer than expected for the relevant DRGs.

Underlying the implementation of this project was the streamlining of the process of treatment. The process is a complicated one with many opportunities to change management. In order to develop implement a plan for organisational change, evaluation of the current process of care is essential. These can be broken down into inputs, processes and outputs. Inputs include:

1.Patients - members of the community that have active health care requirements 2.Labour - Medical, Nursing and Ancillary staff, including management 3.Infrastructure/Facilities - Buildings, wards, bays of beds, elevators, electricity/gas/sanitation supply,...
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