Change Is Growth in Nursing Care

Topics: Nursing, Nursing theory, Nursing practice Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Change Is Growth
Any major change on the nursing care environment, such as adoption of a nursing model of care, requires ongoing support and reinforcement in order to maintain the benefits of such change. The process of implementing Johnson’s nursing model would take time and that using a strategy of making new changes, providing education, and then reinforcing the change, would afford the most success with nursing staff. Nursing rounds would also be facilitated, using this model as a guide. Advanced practice nurses and unit based nurse educators will modify their job descriptions so they reflect nurse competencies of the nursing model. This model will focus on a process of moving the field to accept change, incorporate science into practice, and maintain change over time. The model would not only involve training of new skills, but builds in motivation or incentives and considers the organizational issues that inhibit or facilitate change. Various strategies will be used to implement the model and sustain the culture change. Examples include providing periodic education and incorporating the model into nursing procedures. People need to be able to empower themselves to ensure an effective change process. Change is a difficult process, which needs to involve all stakeholders in the process from the beginning. Nursing Care

There are many new trends and changes emerging in nursing theory and practice today. Professional nursing theory models provide theoretical framework that nurses can use as a foundation for practice. The utilization of nursing models in nursing care helps establish professional identity and improves quality outcomes. Strategies used to implement Johnson’s nursing model in nursing care would include assisting nurses in utilizing the model at the bedside, incorporating the model into nursing procedures, and providing periodic education to nursing staff. Nursing theorist have made a difference in the way that the profession is perceived,...
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