Change in Varmas Perception of Rakesh

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: December 28, 2012
CHANGE IN VARMAS PERCEPTION OF RAKESH: (from a 'pearl amongst pearls' to a 'cold and heartless tyrant' Many wondered that he still, paid obeisance to his parents at every occasion. And now contrary to popular expectations he returned to India to the shabby little house and married the girl of his mother’s choice. Aain the first thing he did on coming home, was "bow down and touch his fathers feet" Soon he achieved great heights, from reaching the top of the admin org in the city hosp and then set up his own clinic. when he bought a car, he took his parents in it, and never forgot his duty as a "devoted son" even when he reached the pinnacle of his career. he began practice as a surgeon became the best and the richest doctor in the town. This can certainly be called the achievement of a lifetime. Even by time the most resentful neighbors said 'rakesh was not only a devoted son but also a miraculously good natured man" He managed to 'obey his parents,' 'humor his wife' and 'show concern for his children and patients' too. he was a man who although born to illiterate parents, had achieved a 'medley of virtues' that 'no one could fathom, but all acknowledged his talent and skill'. As his fathers health started to detoriate, and everyone stopped to care anymore, the 'pearl amongst pearls' Rakesh was always there, being the 'devoted son' he was. he brought him the morning tea in his favorite 'brass tumbler' and even read the morning news to him. 'it made no diff that his father made no response other than spitting.' He did everything he could to satisfy the needs of his ailing father.

But slowly all this changed. From always obeying his parents, now his father had to obey his orders. His 'respectful step' became a rather 'confident'and 'cpntemptpus stride' and he would deny the food his father craved. Mr. Varma felt insulted by all these activities. 'He stared at his son with disbelief that darkened quickly to reproach'. he felt it was unbecoming of his son to...
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