Change in the American Political Culture Between 2004 and 2008

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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A.The political culture in America
B.Key political ideologies
II.Impact of the Bush political ideology
III.Shift towards liberalism

The political spectrum of the United States is founded under four key political ideologies Liberalism, conservatisms, populist and Libertarians. The commonly applied ideas are those of liberals and conservatives. Therefore, since independence the political wave in the region is always a tussle between the liberals and the conservatives. Thus, the conservatives have a strong association or support with the Republican Party while the liberals gear towards promoting the Democratic Party. However, between 2004 and 2008, the American political culture has evidently been shifting towards the Liberal ideas therefore, changing the political wave in the region. In 2004, Bush stand on foreign policy sparked the political change in the United States from conservatives’ thoughts to liberalism. For instance, the American political influence in other countries especially Iraq led to conflicts between United States and the involved countries. Frequent bombings including the September 2001 attacks were due to association with external affairs. Americans experienced large number of casualties due to the security, which had dwindled. Consequently, the Americans dissatisfaction with Bush leadership style prompted them to vote for a democrat leader who was promoting liberal ideas.

During his leadership, Bush sidelined the social welfare of the Americans for example, the tragic management of the hurricane Katrina. Secondly, the Bush administration distanced itself from the economy for instance, the growth of the real estate, the banking sector and the stock market, which terribly declined in value. Eventually, although in 2008 John McCain was the white presidential candidate but his association with the conservatism or Republic Party made him to lose. The American...
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