Change in Status of Women

Topics: Domestic violence, India, Marriage Pages: 14 (5315 words) Published: April 14, 2012
According to India’s constitution, women are legal and prominent citizens of the country and have equal rights when compared to men. Due to lack of credence from the male dominant society, Indian women suffer immensely. Women are responsible for baring children, yet they are malnourished and in poor health. Women are also overworked in each and every field and complete all of the domestic work. Most Indian women are illiterate. Although the country’s constitution says women have equal status to men, women are powerless, ineffective and are mistreated inside and outside the home. It is very rude on the part of present day society to talk about the elation of women. This paper studies the Indian women and their problems since the society came into being. Be it the primitive societies or the modern age they have been subjected to discrimination in all forms of life and in all the roles they have played in a male dominated society of India. The problems faced by women remain unheard until there were some voices raised in the 19th century by social reformers. Then came the modern age where, media raised the issue of their exploitation. She is no more the tralatitious, diffident, shy and domesticated woman of yesteryear sacrificing her dreams and ambitions for the sake of her family and society. The emerging new-age woman has the ability to equip herself with education thereby seeking her own individuality, confidence and not compromising on her self-respect at any cost. This paper talks about the various problems faced by the Indian women in present day society, be it the heinous crimes committed against them, either in the form of rape, domestic violence, dowry deaths, women trafficking. We then move on to conclusion in which there are some suggestive measures which must be taken in order to improve the plight of women. INTRODUCTION

The Indian society which is known for its cultural diversity and ethnic variety is in trouble. The reason being that there is discussion, debate about the rights, privileges of the women as the discrimination, crimes against women are increasing day by day. Men are incomplete without women, then why are the women the underprivileged, why are we demanding reservation for them? Nevertheless as the Indian society has progressed their status has been uplifted. Women and men are both born and made. Still in almost all societies of the world, we find coruscating attack against them. The speculation about women have been not only numerous, but immensely varied. In India, women is seen as divine and worshiped as the personification of all the virtues on one hand but on the other hand she is discriminated against and victimized by the norms create by the male dominated society. She has not been given her due and legitimate place and status in the society even after all the civilization and cultural revolutions. No religion grants equal right given to the women at par with the man in all respects. Whatever law applicable to men is also applicable to women equally. Women, has to play a very vital role in life and society. In fact, she plays many role in a single life time. As a wife which is perhaps her most important role, she serves her husband and in laws. In due course, she becomes a mother and brings out her children. A women normally commands three generation in one life of hers. She is the creator and protector of a family. She gives birth to generation, develops it and thus form society. In fact, society is a product of women. But in spite of the importance attached to her personality, a women is least respected in the exhaustive sense of the world- in society. Over thousands of years, she has not been able to be free of shackles and chains, binding her and confining her to limited space to move and act. That’s the irony. Interestingly as far as law is concerned, it has always been in existence, in one form or the other for the protection of women. All religions give appropriate rights...
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