Change in Nation’s Economy, Government, or Society

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Throughout United States history, individuals other than Presidents played a significant role that led to changes in the nation’s economy, government, or society. Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates changed the nation’s society and/or economy. Both had different ideas and studies of their lifetime’s improvement. Andrew Carnegie and his interest in industrialization contributed to the economy. Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth states you could be rich but you have a social obligation to donate (philanthropy). Andrew wanted to maximize his profits. He co-founded the United States Steel Company and wanted to have a vertical integration, a company that owns the aspects of product development and has control of high prices and no competition. Steel was a resourceful product that was used to build railroads, bridges and buildings. He expanded the steel industry, which allowed mass production (producing goods in large quality at low cost per unit), transportation of raw materials, and goods and the increase of his profits. Industrialization made manufacturing steel faster, easier and more productive. Also, improved the production of steel for different uses such as building railroads and bridges. Bill Gates, the founder of the software industry Microsoft, in America helps the nation's society. Gates study many technology and created a software that made computers for easier use. It was a better way to communicate and organize information. The software industry help produce innovation and advancements of technology. Computers help solve missing pieces that wasn’t thought of. Computers can design a microchip that contains tons of information.

Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates contributed to the nation’s society and/or economy. Currently, we use and follow these entrepreneurs’ ideas and advancements because it improved our society and economy and build ways of doing things such as transportation of railroads and ships and the design of different technology such as television and...
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