Change Essay

Topics: Change, Human, Person Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Change; to me change is something that breaches out to many ideas and concepts. There are numerous types of change which have a varied effect on people. Some may say change can be positive others will say it is negative, in the following paragraphs there will be many types of change I will be talking about: Social, Emotional, Mental, Positive, Negative and Personal change. Whatever it may be change is immanent- change will always be there. Take the weather for example, one minute it’s a scorching summer’s day the next its pouring down. Change is a part of life, we have no say whether we want change or not, most of the time it just happens. One change that is unavoidable is growing old; sooner or later all people will be subjected to this change. Change can also have an influence on the way people behave and can affect their attitudes and beliefs. Social Change is the modification in the structure of a group or society, it also includes changing the roles and attitudes for both males and females and the changing of workplaces or settlement. Social change can also be described as being negative or positive, based on the change that has taken place. Emotional Change is when a person has changed feelings or attitudes. It can occur in a variety of ways for example, the emotional change when someone has passed away can be very depressing and there will be a time of grieving. On a different scale emotional change can occur when a person has gotten 100% in an exam they have been studying for, they will be ecstatic knowing that all their hard work has paid off. When different types of changes have occurred there will be varied types of emotions that take place. Mental Change to me is a different way of thinking; it is related to a person’s thoughts and mind. As mental change is occurring, people often find their view points are transformed. Mental change can be long-term and short-term, and could also be significant or insignificant. Positive Change is when people...
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