Change - Easier Said Than Done

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Change – Easier Said Than Done
With respect to changes, I assume that most people want to change themselves more or less to some extent.
In my point of view, it is human’s nature to pursue beauty and perfection. That’s why people always talk about changing. However, it is not as easy as it is said to change when you have already been used to living in the same old familiar environment for a long time. I develop some ideas of my own to explain the phenomena why the majority of people consistently fail to change. 1. You are not determined yet. You think that you desire to change so badly about something. However, the truth is that deep inside your heart, you are not sure about it. You just think so.

2. Old familiar environment always pulls you back from a big change. I believe that we all have the same kind of experience that every time you make up your mind to change in your journey, but you fail when you come back to your old realistic life. Everything and everyone around you don’t change much and you already adapt to them. It is extremely hard for you, as an individual, to change. 3. You are afraid of changes. Most of people care about others. You care about what others would think about you. You care so much that you even become the slave to other’s opinion instead of what your heart tell you to do. You fear that the change would make you a topic they would keep discussing when having meals. 4. It’s better not to change alone. This is a view presented in the article ‘New Year, New You? Nice Try’ that I totally agree with. If there is no one encouraging you to keep going or accompanying you, sooner or later, you become easily doubtful about yourself.

As to the solutions to these problems, I have something to mention. First and foremost, just do it! I will quote from the passage ‘New Year, New You? Nice Try’ that ’the only thing that convinces the brain that it is OK to change is to see it change.’ Sometimes we think we are not ready yet. We simply just do...
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