"Change Can Bring About Unexpected Consequences". Miroslav Holub 'the Door'. Les Intouchables.

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Holub’s poem ‘The Door’ suggests that people require repeated, firm encouragement to bring about change as they are hesitant to initiate action, and reassures readers that while the impacts of change are uncertain, they are also positive and are only limited by the individual. Similarly, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano’s biographical comedy-drama “The Intouchables” tell us that through the influence of another person we can be forced to realise that the only thing holding us back is ourselves, which in the case of the main characters Driss and Philippe leads to a newly found sense of pride, and freedom from limits which they’d placed upon themselves. These changes are shown through the use of contrasting music, lighting and parallel scenes. Both texts explore the positive, unpredictable nature of change and the concept that it’s only the individual’s fear that limits their ability to take control of their own life. Holub uses the imperative ‘go and open the door’ to establish a tone of authority and therefore persuade readers to invoke change. The simple, high modality action verbs ‘go’ and ‘open’ imply that it is an uncomplicated task which must be completed by the individual. Through the repetition of this phrase at the beginning of each stanza, the poem tells us that people are wary of change and need persistent encouragement from an authoritative figure to take the necessary action. By alternating between high and low modality, ‘The Door’ ascertains that while the consequences of change are unpredictable, they won’t be harmful. The conditionals ‘maybe’ and ‘if’ used before listing the metaphorical possibilities of opening the door infer the wide range of outcomes, none of which can be guaranteed, but the certainty that the fog “will clear” combined with the tone of authority and repetition of the command acts as reassurance that any problems or uncertainty faced will be overcome. Imagery and listing are used to suggest that the potential of change is only...
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