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  • Published : October 27, 2011
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Change can be confronting and because of this we often try to resist it. However, we need change and we must accept it, for without change we cannot grow. This confrontation of change, resistance and final acceptance of change can be seen in the texts, " Drifters", " And a good Friday was held by all" by Bruce Dawe and 10 Things I hate about you" by Gil Junger. All three of these texts examine the process of change and the attitudes towards change. These texts all share simular audiences of ambitious individuals striving for a better future. "Drifters" and " A Good Friday was held by all" both use the techniques of imagery, Diction, Metaphors, Juxtaposition, Repititition, Alliteration and Biblical Allusion to represent the concept change. Gil Junger uses film techniques such as sound, lighting, camera angles, camera shots and costuming in the film "10 Things I hate about you". In the text Drifters by Bruce Dawe we are shown different attitudes towards change in a nostalgic and bittersweet tone. ”Drifters” is a poem that represents a family who move place to place, as the father needs to move by the demand of his job. The children are growing up to learn that there is no other way of life and realise that their roaming lives will never change. The family become frustrated with their lives and wish to settle down and have a peaceful future. The family's inability to settle down is shown in the two metaphors "green tomatoes" in line 4 and the "bottling set wasn't unpacked from Grovedale" in line 7. The green tomatoes represent the family's untimely move because of their lack of food and money and the bottling set that wasn't unpacked indicates that the family only stayed in the area for a short time. Another great poem written by Bruce Dawe is "And a Good Friday was held by all". In this dramatic dialogue Bruce Dawe narrates the story of the crucifixion from the perspective of a Roman soldier, who is required by his military superiors to do the physical labour of...
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