Change and Continuity in Immigration

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Joshua Rodriguez 12/18/12
Per.6 AP World 10 Change and Continuity in Immigration
All throughout history immigration has been present either as a problem or causes of a vast change. In many places and in different time periods immigration was caused by many things and began many significant events. In the 1800s and now many new immigration happenings have occurred that change everything. Around both these time periods in Ireland and Africa people have migrated for many different reasons which has continued as shown in the present problems with immigration and other countries around the world like in the United States, Russia and Spain, with such events like the immigration around now, the Irish potato famine and the Atlantic slave trade in Africa things have changed such as the reasons why people migrate, but many parts remained the same as in the discrimination and hardships the migrators faced. Places such as Africa and Ireland had many problems with immigration due to different things. In Africa the Europeans came and took slaves later the same native Africans captured them and sold them to the Europeans because of the high demand of slaves in Europe. In the 16th to 17th centuries Portugal, Britain and France reached Africa then the demand for “free labor” increased because of the new land colonized by the Europeans in the Americas (Wright). This meant that these new powers needed more and more slaves to work the new land in the age of exploration. Now it has changed from this because the reasons most people migrate then were mainly due to the fact that most of these Africans did not go by themselves often times the Europeans or some other Africans themselves would capture and sell these people as slaves. Most of the Africans who facilitated and benefited from this slave trade were political or commercial elites...
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